Park House, Rochester, Vermont

Questions To Consider before Moving to Park House

How long have you lived in your present home?

Does anyone live with you or help you in your present home?

How would you describe the atmosphere of your present home?

What do you do to make your life interesting?

What hobbies or interests do you have, or have you had, that bring you great personal satisfaction?

Has your life changed significantly during the past 10 years?

What sort of things frustrate you?

What kind of people annoy you?

What kind of people do you most enjoy?

Are you tolerant of people of other races, religions, ages, and sex?

How would you feel about signing in and out of Park House when you leave and return?

What are some of the proudest moments in your life?

What are some of the saddest moments in your life?

What and who might you miss by moving to Park House?

How would moving to Park House affect your relationship with:

• your family members?
• your friends?
• memberships in organizations?

How would your friends and family view your moving to Park House?

What circumstances or developments have prompted you to consider living at Park House?

Have you considered the possible transportation problems that could arise when living at Park House?

Park House has many characteristics of a family home. Resident rooms are private, but other living space is shared. What are your thoughts about changing some of your living patterns?

What attracts you to Park House?

What would you like to accomplish in the future?

Has answering these questions helped you in any way in planning for your future?