Park House, Rochester, Vermont

Polices at Park House

General Conditions

  1. Residents will be required to submit, upon admission, the names of two persons that they have designated to act with them or for them in medical, legal and financial matters.
  2. Residents will be required to update their emergency forms periodically and as needed.
  3. Residents are responsible for their medical expenses, such as, but not limited to, hospitalization, Home Health Services, medications, therapy, transportation, physician and dental fees.
  4. If a resident’s health changes, he/she must involve his/her physician and the Executive Director to determine whether the shared housing arrangement offered by Park House adequately meets present needs.
  5. Failure of a resident to pay fees and charges in the stipulated amounts and at the stipulated times may result in termination of the residency.
  6. Park House Board of Trustees will not be responsible for any debt(s) incurred by the resident.
  7. Park House Board of Trustees will not be responsible for damage to or loss of any personal furnishings, valuables, money, jewelry, etc., on the premises.
  8. Residents are expected to keep their rooms clean and free from health and fire hazards.
  9. For health and safety reasons, the Executive Director or a staff member must be advised of a resident’s plans for lengthy absences from Park House (overnights, vacation) prior to the departure of the resident. If an absence is to be extended, Park House staff must be notified.
  10. In order that these arrangements can be respected, information concerning Advanced Directives must be attached to emergency forms.

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Personal Caregivers

Residents of Park House may choose to employ private caregivers to help with personal care tasks. However, it must be remembered that Park House is not a licensed care facility and that caregivers are employed by a resident or family, not by Park House. Due to the shared living environment offered by Park House, it is necessary to clarify the relationship between persons employed by individual residents, Park House, and other residents of Park House. The following outlines the expectations long held by Park House.

Personal caregivers must be informed of the following by the person who has hired them.

  1. They are employees of a resident or a family to work for a specific resident;
  2. They are not employees or representatives of Park House;
  3. They do not provide information about Park House, its procedures, or its policies, but may direct visitors to a staff member;
  4. They do not become involved with the care or activities of other residents unless that resident or family has made specific arrangements with them;
  5. They do not interfere with other residents' right to peaceful enjoyment of their home;
  6. They may not enter the office of the Executive Director without a staff member;
  7. Unsanitary trash must be taken directly to the outside garbage shed. Park House does not provide trash bags or materials for this purpose;
  8. Use of the guest room must be arranged with the Executive Director in advance. There is a charge of $50 per night;
  9. Guests for meals must make arrangements with the cook for that meal or the Lead Cook. There is a charge of $10 per meal; and
  10. Snacks, kitchen supplies, and other services are provided for residents, but are not available for hired caregivers.

If questions arise or there are situations not covered by this page, a staff member would be happy to provide assistance.