Park House, Rochester, Vermont

General Information

General Information about Park House:

Air Conditioners
Window mounted AC units are not permitted at Park House.

Cooking is NOT allowed in resident rooms. Appliances such as hot plates, microwave ovens, and electric kettles are prohibited. A fee of $5.00 per month will be charged for a private refrigerator.

A parking lot is located at the rear of Park House.

Although most rooms have private baths, two rooms on the second floor share an accessible bathroom.

Resident rooms will be cleaned monthly and bathrooms and all shared spaces will be cleaned weekly by our housekeeping staff. Additional cleaning is the responsibility of the resident.

Rochester Health Center is in close proximity to Park House.

An elevator serves the first, second and third floors.

Fire Safety
Park House is a Vermont Department of Public Safety approved facility. Fire drills are held with all residents. As would be true in a real fire, the elevator may not be used during fire drills.

Residents are encouraged to furnish their own rooms. Park House has some basic furniture available if needed.

Heat Pumps
Heat pumps may be operated on "fan" or "heat" during declared cold months or on "cool" or "fan" during declared warm months. Temperature and fan speed may be adjusted, or the unit may be switched off. Other controls and features may not be touched. Problems should be reported to the Executive Director or other staff.

Home Health
Home health care is available through the Visiting Nurse Alliance of VT/NH and must be arranged for by the resident and his/her doctor.

Tenant Homeowners Coverage is available from insurance companies for those who wish to insure personal property. Park House does not insure a resident’s property.

Kitchen Cooking is NOT permitted in resident rooms. There is a toaster, microwave, and a full-size refrigerator/freezer for resident use in the kitchen.

Coin-operated washers and dryers are located on the first, second, and third floors.

Park House is located in Rochester Village at the corner of Park Row and Route 100 (16 Park Row), and is within a short walking distance of the business district, churches, library, and schools.

Rural Delivery is made to Park House. Each resident has an individually keyed mailbox.

Three meals are served daily. With advance notice and for a small charge of $10 each, guests are welcomed for meals.

Oxygen Concentrators
A fee of $15.50 will be charged for the use of an oxygen concentrator, based on amps used per 24 hours.

Pets are not permitted at Park House.

Since there is no pharmacy located in Rochester, prescriptions and special medical supplies must be obtained out of town, or received through the mail.

Rents are affordable. You may qualify for a housing subsidy through the VSHA if your annual income is less than the established amount.

Rooms, which are all different, are selected on a first come, first served basis. A specific room may be reserved prior to actual arrival by paying the monthly rent in advance.

Short Term Rental
Short-term rental is available. Arrangements and charges need to be discussed personally and individually with the Executive Director.

Smoking is not permitted at Park House.

All rooms have private telephone outlets. Each resident must arrange for connection and billing with the telephone company. Cell phones contracted through AT&T work in Rochester.

Each room has a cable TV connection. There is a monthly cable charge of $35 for cable users included in rent amount. An expanded package can be arranged and paid for by the resident through Comcast.

Park House does not offer transportation, but it may be arranged through Tri-Valley Transit, Inc. for a small fee.

EC Fiber Wi-fi internet is available throughout the Park House building.