Park House, Rochester, Vermont

Support Us

Imagine that you are in your 70s or 80s. Your children are grown, have started families of their own and now live far away.  Keeping up with the house is getting more difficult.  The lawn seems so much bigger these days, vacuuming and dusting empty rooms hardly seems worth it and when it snows it’s easier to stay in for a few days than to shovel the driveway.  You’re healthy but it’s harder to get around than it used to be.  You don’t go to church as much as you’d like and you missed that play at the high school last month.  You don’t want to be a burden, so you just deal with these inconveniences and chalk it up to getting older.

Now imagine that, at the same age, you are surrounded by friends.  Someone else takes care of the vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, and cooking three delicious meals every day.  You’re in the middle of all the action in town, a short walk to events, shopping, everything you need.  Sitting on your porch, you can watch activities in the park, visit with people, or just look out on your well-manicured lawn and gardens.

This is life at Park House.  Our healthy, vibrant residents have choices; choices that are taken from them when left alone in big empty houses, when their mobility is compromised, when a little helping hand is harder to come by.  Our residents enjoy the quiet of their private rooms as well as the camaraderie of their shared living spaces.  They enjoy having home-cooked meals as well as making themselves a mid-afternoon snack.  They enjoy resting on our wrap-around porch as well as helping to tend a garden or walk to the store.

Park House welcomes people from all backgrounds and rent is kept affordable so our community is accessible to everyone.  Rent only accounts for a portion of Park House’s annual expenses, so our residents rely on caring community members like you to allow them to maintain these choices in their lives.  We hope you will make the choice to contribute so Park House can continue to provide a safe and convenient home for our residents, and residents to be, for many years to come.  And who knows, maybe one day you’ll be right there on our porch watching the parade go by on July Fourth, too!